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Take the guesswork out of maintaining your roof this winter

Sign up now for your FREE Residential Damage Report!*

With the arrival of winters harsh, chilly temperatures, frosty mornings, and increased rainfall, maintaining a healthy roof is vital in ensuring your home and family stay warm and dry.

Since our roof is not somewhere we can easily access, signs of potential leaks and damage often go unnoticed until they become a bigger issue, resulting in costly repairs.

A Dwellsmiths Residential Damage Report provides property owners with a snapshot of the current state of their roof, what repairs are required, any areas to keep an eye on in the future, and provides the peace of mind that your roof has been inspected by a trusted roofing professional.

What is involved in a Dwellsmiths Residential Damage Report

Inspect: Once we gain access to your roof, we will complete a thorough assessment including inspecting any signs of wear and tear, damage, or potential leaks, along with documenting any previous repair work and any signs of deterioration.

Recommend: Based on our findings we will put together a detailed and informative report which includes photos of the current state of your roof, our findings, and our observations.

Relax: We will work with you to prioritise and remedy any repairs and maintenance required to get your roof back to top health. You can rest assured that your roof is in the hands of highly skilled, qualified, and passionate roofing professionals who will treat your roof like it’s our own.

Don’t get caught out this winter. Register for your FREE Residential Damage Report* today.

*Residential property must be 250m2 or under. Property must be within 50km of Christchurch. Property must be a maximum of 2 stories and accessible. If the property is not deemed adequately accessible a drone may be used to assess the roof which will incur a fee. 7-day lead times are applicable to all registrations.

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