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A poorly maintained Architectural roof is the primary cause of roof problems.

The lifespan of a roof in Christchurch can be shortened dramatically if neglected. Dwellsmiths is here to partner with you (homeowner or landlord) to inspect, repair, and maintain your roof to get the most life out of its lifespan.

One of the most valuable parts of a building’s exterior is its roof system. Your roof is constantly exposed to rain, wind, pollution and heat–especially the kind we get here in Canterbury!


Quality materials, proper installation, and a preventive maintenance program is key to your roof’s performance. 

Roof maintenance is a critical component most homeowners are neglecting and is key to preventing roof problems, keeping the roof in a watertight condition, and getting the best longevity out of your roof system. Early identification, repair, and maintenance will help provide a long-lasting roof system.

Dwellsmiths give FREE ESTIMATES to homeowners.


The cost of a detailed roof inspection including pictures and a written report ranges fron $480 to $1580 A suggested maintenance plan can also be provided with the best course of action specific to your roof.

  • What type of metal is suitable for an architectural roof?
    Various metals can be used, such as steel, aluminum, or copper. The choice depends on factors like durability, budget, and aesthetic preferences.
  • How does the design and colour of the metal roof contribute to the overall aesthetics of the building?
    The architectural design enhances the building's visual appeal. Features like profiles, textures, and colour options play a crucial role in achieving the desired look. We offer a wide range of colour and finish options, including matte, gloss, or textured finishes. These choices allow ultimate control over your home.
  • How durable is the chosen metal, and how does it withstand different weather conditions?
    Metals like steel and aluminium are known for their durability and resistance to elements. Proper coatings and treatments enhance weather resistance, ensuring longevity.
  • What maintenance is required for the metal roof, and how often should it be inspected?
    Regular inspections for debris, damage, or coatings are recommended. Maintenance typically involves cleaning and addressing any issues promptly.
  • Can you describe the installation process for the architectural metal roof?
    Installation involves preparing the roof substrate, applying underlayment, and then installing metal panels or shingles. Proper installation is crucial for optimal performance.
  • What is the estimated cost for installing the architectural metal roof?
    Costs vary based on metal type, design complexity, and project size. A detailed estimate includes materials, labor, and potential additional expenses.
  • How does the metal roof contribute to energy efficiency and insulation?
    Metal roofs can reflect sunlight, reducing heat absorption. Combined with proper insulation, this contributes to energy efficiency by maintaining interior temperatures.
  • How well does the metal roof resist elements like wind, hail, and heavy rain?
    Metal roofs have excellent resistance to wind, hail, and rain. The choice of metal gauge and profile influences their ability to withstand specific weather conditions.
  • What warranties are provided for the metal material and installation work?
    Warranties vary but often include a manufacturer's warranty for the metal and a separate warranty for the installation work. It's essential to review and understand the terms.

We offer complimentary quotes on all architectural maintenance.

Architectural Maintenance

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