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Take the guesswork out of maintaining your roof

FREE Residential Damage Report*

Out of sight out of mind?

Get the full picture of your roof health with a FREE Residential Damage Report* from Dwellsmiths, your local roofing experts.

Our comprehensive Damage Report gives you a snapshot look into the current state of your roof, any areas of concern, and will give you the peace of mind that your roof is in the hands of trusted roofing professionals.

Sign up below to register for a FREE Residential Damage Report.

Thanks for registering for a FREE Residential Damage Report. Our friendly team will be in touch soon.

Terms and Conditions

*Residential property must be 250m2 or under. Property must be within 50km of Christchurch. Property must be a maximum of 2 stories and accessible. If the property is not deemed adequately accessible a drone may be used to assess the roof which will incur a fee. 7-day lead times are applicable to all registrations. 

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