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Keeping your gutters clear this autumn and winter

Updated: May 31, 2023

The wet and stormy season has officially arrived bringing an increase in rain, more leaf fall from trees, and other debris accumulating in your gutters. This can lead to blockages, which can cause water damage and dampness inside your home.

Regular gutter maintenance is vital in maintaining the health of your roof and can also save you money in the long run. By preventing water damage and dampness, you can avoid costly repairs and potential health issues.

In 2019 the New Zealand Healthy Home Standards was introduced. Designed to improve the quality of rental properties and ensure that all tenants have access to warm, dry, and healthy homes, a key responsibility for landlords is to ensure that their properties have adequate drainage to prevent dampness and mould. This includes keeping gutters clean and free from debris.

Equally important for homeowners and tenants, we recommend working with a roofing professional to ensure your home remains warm and dry this wet season.

When the Dwellsmiths team clean your gutters, we are not just looking to remove the debris, we complete a thorough inspection for any damage, make any necessary repairs, and can recommend a gutter protection solution to ensure your gutters remain clear of debris and flowing freely.

So, as the leaves start to fall and the weather gets wetter, get in touch with the Dwellsmiths team to keep your gutters clear this autumn and winter!

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