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Roof coatings are vital in protecting and extending the life of your roofing system. Our knowledgeable team can prepare and install the appropriate roof coating to suit your roof.

Dwellsmiths can identify and install the most appropriate roof coating to suit your Architectural or Commercial roof.

After we have completed a comprehensive assessment to determine the best roof coating solution, we ensure your roof is thoroughly prepared for the installation of the coating.

This process includes completing any repairs which are required, removing and refixing any loose screws, cleaning away dirt and debris, treating for rust, and applying a hard-wearing finishing top coat.

Our Process

1. Preparation & Repairs:
All loose nails will be removed and refixed with screws.  All ridges, valleys and flashings will be checked and repaired or replaced as required

2. Cleaning and Treatment:
The roof will be waterblasted to remove all dirt, loose and flaking materials.  If moss and mould is present the roof will be treated with a anti fungal wash, a slow release, biodegradable, anti-fungicide treatment before applying the Top Coat / Finished Coating of your Choice

3. Rust Treatment:
Any areas of red or white rust will be treated to hold and prevent any further rusting

4. Top Coat / Finished Coating:
Resene: With an increasing interest in lower sheen options outside, new Resene Summit Roof is a waterborne satin roof paint, suitable for application 

We offer complimentary quotes on all coating projects.

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